Saturday, July 4, 2015


The first skein got off to an early start, which was  good thing because I ended up with a wonderful visit from my brother and sister-in-law!  We had a filling lunch then a tour on the golf cart around the acreage and then savored a good swim (or soak!) in the pool which is a muscle soothing 91*!! 
I finished spinning and plying this evening for a total of 238 yards of fingering weight yarn.

And They're Off!

The fiber stash for Tour de Fleece 2015

CORMO-8 0z of two different colorways (Fall colors and Spring colors)
SUPERWASH MERINO-10.5 oz of three different colorways  (red/white/blue and one of gradation greys and one rainbow roving)
WELSH MOUNTAIN-2.5 oz roving black
FL GULF NATIVE SHEEP-4 oz of batts in natural color
(I have some hemp and some more superwash Merino in reserve but I think these 25 oz will carry me through the whole 3 weeks just fine!)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ending A Work Week

It is still considered work, even when you are retired.  I am after all, still alive!  
I dyed a superwash roving and a Cormo roving and hung them out to dry in the sun.
Then the sun turned a bit rainy and Bill rescued them to finish drying in shower!
(I was at the doctor's again because I am addicted to spending hours there every week...!) 
I pulled myself out of my comfort zone and tried some different combinations of colors for the roving.   
This is the superwash and I will begin the TDF tomorrow with the red/white and blue! 
I couldn't resist braiding this when dry-it will be a new series of colorways;  this one called Fall:  Earth and Sky. 
This roving I split already so I can begin right away tomorrow morning!! 
(I split the roving because the yarn will be two ply hence, two bobbins of spun singles)
I finished up some more of the Brioche dish cloths, this set for me.  My own were looking a bit ratty.

I still do not have a knitting project to allure me at present so I will wait for inspiration to strike while I am spinning during the next few weeks of the race.  It's not like I am low on yarn or anything but sometimes, a funk happens.
I know enough to wait it out. 
This morning I did another Cormo roving dye  batch;  this one echoing the one I did yesterday but in lighter colors for Spring:  Earth and Sky.  
I had enough sunshine to risk hanging these outside this morning to dry!
While the roving was drying, I carded up four ounces of the Florida Gulf Native Sheep fleece I washed earlier in the week.  It is very soft which is good because this can be a coarser fiber.
I will leave this natural to go with my other 'natural' wool yarn pile.  If the yarn turns out nicely, I will dye some of the remaining fleece.
Today the roving dried in no time!   I used very little dye powder to get the pastel colors.  This is not my usual color choices but it is so very pretty.  It will be a good spin! 
Now that I have the fibers all ready for tomorrow, I cut out a lined dress for Marsel.
I made this dress last year and gratefully made all the alterations I needed right on the pattern pieces so all I had to do was lay them out, pin and cut!  
I will be sewing it together when I need a spinning break!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bethlehem Star

I love to see the incredibly beautiful array of celestial bodies;  tonight is the convergence of Jupiter and Venus in what looks like a super-star which is called the Star of Bethlehem.
How cool is that?!
The Lord God delights in beauty and order.  Amazing to see His handiwork!

Tour de Fleece 2015 Preparation

I am getting my fiber lined up for this year's spinning marathon to echo the scheduling of the Tour de France.  I am totally disinterested in sports but I do like the 'sport' of textile and this is a fun competition!
I have been collecting my rovings and I pulled out this fleece I bought last year and got it ready for washing. 
It goes into the tub of hot, sudsy water....twice. 
After two rinses, I have a very creamy soft pile of Florida Gulf Native fiber! 
After I spin it out in the washer, I lay it out on the old sliding glass door screen to dry!  The cats only knocked the screen down twice-not bad!
While I was waiting for the fleece to soak or rinse or dry, I dyed some more superwash roving. 
It is in shades of grey to black.  The 'race' begins on Saturday.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Travel Wearied

When my kids started growing up and leaving home, we would look at the moon together and know it was the same moon and it would make the distance shorter that separated us.  This is the moon over Washington.... 
We had a good day of flights, it is just very hard to travel all day and into the night.  
I finished the cuff on one sock and started the second while in the air!
The moon was up in the Florida sky.........yup, it still helps to remember we are connected!
The Cereus was in bloom when we got home!

The socks are finished!  This is the Zigzagular sock pattern.  I zigzagged all over this country to knit them!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Globe Trotting Finale

Taking the path that leads to home.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting to know you.......

We visit this tree of the best fruit I have ever had every few hours. 
To correct my earlier naming, this is actually called a Rainier Cherry.  By any other name, it would still be the best fruit I have ever eaten........kind of like a nectarine but small!
I made the double knit wash cloth for Aria.  Finally!  Something she liked from me!   
I keep trying to take a picture of her, she keeps avoiding me saying, "No, thanks!" 
She is a good eater so at the table, she is at least contained for me and the camera.
See, she is wearing the headband as long as it isn't worn as a headband.
I do like a woman who knows her mind! 
Did you notice she is also wearing her favorite outfit?  As long as we stay home, it is tolerated by her parents.
We had a ton of fun decorating the driveway with stories and drawings.
And Aria bursts into song when the mood strikes.  
Did I mention that I am loving being here and getting to know her. 
And Mila..........I am trying to memorize every part of her.
The guys did this today!   
They saw this guy on the golf course.  They also saw a mom and fawn but didn't get the pic of them. 
How's this for scenery?  It is an amazing backdrop, heh?! 
Yes, it is a beautiful Mt. Rainier....and did I mention that your cherries are the best fruit I have every tasted?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Endless Yarn and Forever Love

I used up the left over dish cloth yarn for a head band for Aria.
She hated it.  You win some and lose some with a two year old! 
So I cast on for another dish cloth, albeit a small one but it is double knitting so I get to use some rusty technique skills.  So far, both girls have napped at the same time each afternoon for some down time for me, too. 
Then Mila needed a body nap so of course I set the knitting aside.
Then Aria woke up and joined in the snuggle.  It was wonderful.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Short and Sweet Knitting

A bit of Brioche dishcloth knitting to cleanse the palate after a heavy meal (big project). 
I wasn't sure the variegated would work but I am happy with the subtle shift in colors.
I will be leaving this here for their kitchen.  And this one, too.
It is so nice to have a quick return!