Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Friday Again!?!

 Sad news-this is the last pic of the chicks.......they are not with the parents anymore.  I feel very sad about the loss.  Speaking of loss, I have good news that the MS is not in my spine but the MRI did show a bulging disc in the middle of my back and that has to be dealt with before I can continue with the MS evaluation.  I will be going to Neurological Surgeons in the end of May for their 2 cents (or in today's market, $2000......)  I am learning to pace myself and to adjust the MS meds and the pain meds.  The doctor doubled the amount of meds I am taking during the day and it was... in the vernacular of the '60's--a bad trip!   I am finding that if I just space the single doses closer then I tolerate the pain better and can still retain some cognitive powers!
I tend to be silent with pain and lately there has been an extra dose of that-it just takes too much mental power to chat!  Please be patient with me while we work to make me a whole person again!
 Mornings are my best physical times-so I do some house work and then change it up with some fiber love-I do this standing up and that feels good-sitting is the worst!
 I also loaded up the table runner and got that quilted-also a standing up job!
 I even did a slightly modified binding on the machine so I didn't have to do the binding by hand which is my usual way since the hands are not as coordinated right now!  It turned out just fine!
 I also added borders to the Tumbler block quilt and got that loaded on the frame-I do a row or two and then move on to something else.  I look like a mouse in a maze darting from one thing to the next but it is the only way I can operate right now!  Mind you -this is a post about the whole week and not the usual one day for me!!!!
 I dug through my stash and found this group for the next lap quilt-I will be using the apple core die with the Accuquilt for the pattern.
The Vodka Gimlet sweater which was knit an inch beyond the waist is no more.....I totally lost the love;  I hated the waist pattern-yuck!  So it is history.   I found a new worsted weight yarn pattern from Cascade is nice to have power over something!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Trip

We took a 2 1/2 hr dr up to Live Oak for pictures today......bad choice after the busy week.   
The silver lining on the day was this-Ella got in and out of this little car a million times waving and saying bye and then running to give hugs and kisses goodbye......precious!
 I did finish knitting on the blue jean socks-done!
 At home, I remembered to get a photo of the roses in bloom!
 They almost glow in the dark like this pic looks! lol
 I did a bit of spinning with the new attachment-yes, no fatigue and a wonderful relaxing moment!
167 yards of fingering weight Dor Galen yarn-probably a pair of mitts.......

Friday, April 11, 2014

As the Week Unfolds

 The chicks are certainly growing and getting less fearful as they visit!   I enjoy seeing them each day!
 I was able to piece the new tumbling blocks.  I have found that my hands work very well on the well established motions like knitting-mostly muscle memory, but I am fumbly with the sewing when I have to make minute motions and pick up pins, etc.
 I am extra careful when working with the rotary cutter, that is for sure!  Now it this table runner is added to the quilting pile!
 Still enjoying looking out to these each morning!
 The Live Oak trees are in full seed pod explosion!  Can you say pollen?!!!
 Tonight Nyki lay in wait for some unsuspecting subject-she got Big Grey!
 She sprang out of the box so quickly, I didn't even have time to catch his retreat!  lol  She was very happy with herself.
The new spinning wheel accessory came in the mail today-it is called a Woolee Winder and removes the need to stop spinning to move the yarn build up on the bobbin-no more small hand motions required as this continuously feeds the single back and forth on the bobbin like a fishing reel!   Just one more way to keep me spinning even without the coordination of feet and hands!(I gave it a try tonight and found my hands spin just fine-another muscle memory motion for me, and it eliminates the need to treadle which is just plain uncomfortable right now!  I am spinning the bump of Indigo dyed Dor Galen here-very nice experience so far--now if I can just stay home long enough to give it a good go.....!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vero Beach Visit

 We took the 3 hour drive to visit Bill's sister and husband today.  The ride was torture-even with all my accouterments!  (cushions!)  The walk on the boardwalk along the beach sure was wonderful.  There has been a lot of wind this winter and the beach is no longer level because of it!  Very unusual pattern for the beach!
 There was an absence of blue sky but it was warm anyway for our walk.
 We took our traditional picture!  So nice to get together with them!
 We stopped to enjoy the beautiful tall dune sunflowers when we noticed the sky behind us was dark;  very dark.  The men took off at a trot to get the vehicle and pick us up.  Unfortunately, the skies opened up on us before they can to our rescue!  We got soaked!  Good laughs.
 We went to a favorite restaurant for lunch, Nino's Pizza, and enjoyed soup and stromboli for taking the chill away.   I loved seeing the coconuts in the trees!  We are too far north to have this kind of palm so it was a treat for me to see these.
 We enjoyed a sightseeing tour after lunch.  The many side streets were canopied with live oaks.  Beautiful.
 We saw this cabbage palm with the strange cactus growing up its trunk!
 Yup, cactus growing up the trunk!  Who ever heard of a climbing cactus?  I will have to do some research to solve this mystery!
I did a little knitting  on the way down and finished one sock.  On the way home, I got the toe done but the pain meds kicked in and I slept the rest of the way home.  Now that is the way to get car travelling done-out cold!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilts and Blooms

 I pieced the tumbling blocks this morning!   I usually chain piece but found I just couldn't keep the blocks in the right order so I just kept adding one to the row and it made it much simpler!
 I trimmed off the angles on the edges so now I can border it!
 All ready for stage two.   I enjoyed piecing this so much......
 I pulled some fat quarters....
 and decided on this group for a....
 new table runner!  Love that Accuquilt machine-sure does give my wrists the break they need!
Outside, the Amaryllis are in bloom!  I took all these on the meander to the mailbox!
 Isn't it lovely to see these big blooms?  The one on the right bottom is waning but the others are just starting.
 The African Irises are all doing their thing, too.
 This is the last Camellia bush in bloom!  This is her first year to do that and we are proud of her!
 The Fringe Tree is in full bloom!  Heavenly scented!
 It is spectacular!

 These are the last of the Azaleas in bloom.
 Most of the bushes look like this now.
 Likewise, this is the last Calliandra bloom-some people call it the powder puff bush for some reason! lol
 I am working my way up the leg of the indigo sock.  I am not as fast most days as I was...
But if I was a cat, holding still is perfectly reasonable!  Its all in your attitude!
(This is the guy who found us last year this month and was a measly 7lbs and now he weighs 18!)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soap and Snuggles!

This was my trip knitting for today!  The sock yarn we put in the Indigo pot!  It will look great with a pair of jeans! 
My sons were awarded a free golf certificate for a golf tournament they won;  they included their Dad to go to the posh course in Amelia Island.  The girls had a fun day to ourselves, too. 
First, we made soap so it would have time to set before we left for home!
 I got to try on the rompers on the kids!  They liked getting clothes and modeling for me!  Very cute!
 After lunch we went to the beach!
 It took all three of us to trot after them-usually in different directions, of course!
 It took a lot to keep Will from poking at this guy.  Dead but still has a wicked 3" stinger!
 The men came home and found us beachside!  Dads were greeted by welcoming squeals!
 Ella has fallen in love with the water and wanted in even though it was still very cold at 70F!
 Pelicans enjoyed a float!
 We even enjoyed a rainbow after dinner!
 Their bottle brush tree is in bloom!
Isn't it amazing?!
 We hit a bit of rain on the way home-this is the bridge on the 295 beltway.
And this always reminds me of the low roadway on the way to Key West!

We had an incredible day!  Thank you family!