Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

This is the pot of Gulf Native Sheep wool, soaking in water with alum for a mordant. 
This is the wool with the fermented but strained fruit juice.
(I have set the jar in the pool area to get the sun and heat up but not too hot!)
The color is really this bright fuschia!
I set the pan of roving with a lid in the sun for several hours. 
After I poured off the excess water/dye mixture, the wool looks like this.  A but more blue violet or violet blue! 
Next came a very good rinse followed with a long soak in warm water with citrus acid to help set the color.   The  roving is spun out in my washer and then hung in the bathroom to finish drying!
I can't wait to spin it but I am going to wait until the TDF this July.  I am building up my stash for the big spin!  This was a great experiment and worth the work to see such a great color!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can You Say , "Hard Work?"

It's funny to look at the pictures and see the kids always in water!  We really did walk, ride and enjoy all the yard , too, but when outside we do a lot of chasing not picture taking!  Ethan liked the bath better than the pool.  It was loud and splashy with all the gang in there!
See, Abigail is here.  In fact, after everyone gets out of the pool, she enjoys her alone time in the pool for girls only swim! 
The last night together night swim!
Grandma and Marsel joined them earlier but someone has to take the pictures! 
And the bottom sock is the one I had made before company....the upper sock is supposed to match the lower one.  I shouldn't have tried to force my exhausted brain to knit in the evening.  I will rip it out on the car ride to Georgia tomorrow after we drop off the boys to their own home.
What a wonderful, hard, blessed week it has been!
(Next time you see a young mom with a couple of young children, give her some encouragement!  This is hard work to raise up healthy, happy and polite young people!)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mural Monday

I was inspired by a recent post on Dee's blog, Meanwhile in Florida , when she talked about murals.
There are many in the towns near me so I would like to highlight one each Monday for a while!
This one is just south of me in Crescent City.
It is painted on the old city hall/police and firehouse by local artist Richard Cooney just May of last year.  

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Interruptions

While I was waiting for my carload of family to arrive, I sewed this top for me.  It felt good to sew clothes again.  I go for quite a while without doing this!  Finally, 
Thursday afternoon Marsel and David and Abigail and Will and Ethan arrived to stay for 6 days! 
Will and Ethan's parents are in Hawaii because Matthew made the top echelon of salesman again this year! Marsel, my daughter, and children come down to help watch the boys while they are gone!
 Here is Ethan playing in the little seat.  He is such a sweet little guy at just shy of 4 months. 
He even enjoyed a bit of a dip in the pool! 
Big brother, Will is a fish;  he goes in after lunch and comes out in time to eat dinner!
Oldest grandchild, David, enjoys the scuba life-- 
He sure is a great kid who just turned 14!  Abigail is here but I didn't catch her yet...stay tuned.  I have only touched my knitting for a few will wait for me!
It's a great and crazy time!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tumbler Top

The top is finished and ready for the quilting frame.  I am not sure if I am going to put another border on this.  If I make it wider than the width of the fabric (42")  then it takes a lot more backing fabric.
I love the old vintage-like prints in this quilt.  A very fun sew!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clearing the Knitting Queue

The Little Tea Leaves Sweater is finished and I am glad to see the end of this!  I am not sure about the is dense and the 'little' size 4 sweater is heavy.  I knit the ruffle for the sleeves and then grafted it with Kitchener stitch to the sleeves.  It isn't hard, just fussy.  The yarn is soft and has a sheen from the bamboo in it.  Sometimes I have to be done with something a while before I like it again! 
And sometimes, I like a knit all the way through and am sorry to see it finished! 
I whipped through a sock... 
With an afterthought heel placement so I can make another pair of yoga/flipflop socks. 
Like these!  I am experimenting with the heel finish as I wasn't topnotch thrilled with the last pair.
They work just fine, it's just not exactly what it should be.  I will see with this next pair!
That's all on my needles lately.
Socks can be a nice respite for me in the knitting world.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Surprise!

Hot off the needles and without buttons to match yet, here is the latest Baby Surprise Jacket for my youngest grandson, Ethan.  This was made with Mary Maxim Prism in Rain Shower, a dk weight yarn.  It used one whole skein to
                                                 knit this sweater which is a 6 month size.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Local Quilt Show

Friday, Millie, my neighbor, and I went to a local quilt show next to Miss D's Quilt Shop in downtown Palatka. 
I bought two partial jelly rolls for a few dollars.   
You will be seeing these for their own wacky pinwheel in negative and positive color arrangements! 
I also bought this panel of the Poky Puppy.  I am not sure yet if he will be a little quilt or a fabric book like it was sold as.
After a great lunch, we headed home.  Color and inspirations percolate in our brains!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hexagon Lap Quilt Work

I used the 5" charm pack by Eleanor Burns, Zoey in Lemon Chiffon to turn into hexagons with the Accuquilt.  After cutting out, I decide to use the sage green to make the triangles in between
the hexagons to make the seven sisters setting. 
I struggled with the right seam allowance to make them fit.  Then I realized I had use the wrong triangle template to cut them out and gratefully , I could trim them to the right size! 
Once they were all trimmed, they went together much easier! 
Because of all the bias edges, I have to use pins and lots of them!
Accurate is better and worth the extra work.  
There is no timeline, right?! 
This shows you how much larger the row is just sewn and the pinning tames those intersections, mostly, and it is okay with me. 
Today's accomplishment!  The yellow is so pretty bouncing between the green! 
Sissy stayed in the studio with me today.  I rarely get pictures of her because she also hates to be in front of the camera.  She jumped out of here after this picture and dug her way into my pantograph cubbie to hide.
And as soon as I tried to sneak over and catch her, she was on the move.
She is on my lap as I write this, purring up a storm!
Time to head to the recliner and some knitting

Friday, April 15, 2016


I have finished piecing all the wacky pinwheel blocks!
Look what was featured on a recent email from Keepsake Quilting!
Yes, the same block just arranged in positive and negative colors!
Pretty amazing!
My box of Gulf Native Sheep wool roving just arrived! I didn't feel up to buying a fleece and processing it all myself this time.   I am thinking this needs to be dyed with the prickly pear cactus juice I am fermenting!