Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Goal Achieved!

 I started bright and early today, glad to be inside while the polar vortex brings us very cold temperatures in the forties!
 The piecing was very straight forward and I enjoyed just adding one to another all day.
When it came to the applique plans......I hit a brick wall!  Note to self-do not buy this double sided fusible web ever again!  The paper just doesn't release and I had a mess.
 Then when I got the turtle done-it looked terrible on the neutral area!  The shell just got lost and he looked lost in the space where he was supposed to pop!
 I cut out another one and didn't like that either........finally, the third one was the charm!  Phew!
 I added the framing border and now I am ready to measure it for the backing when we go to JoAnn's this Thursday or Friday!  It is nice to see it all come together!
These guys were filling up on corn most of the day-it is cold for them, too, and corn is a good source of heat/feed!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Starting Line

I worked on Millie's quilt until it was up off the floor-a big hurdle for me!
 Then I put my mind to the task at hand.   I have to make a baby quilt for our new grandson, Elijah, due in January.  The end of January.  But there is going to be a baby shower the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  That means I have to get it in gear to get the idea off paper and into my lap!
I have the plans all drawn up.
 I have collected a pile of fabrics.
Now I have to cut it all out!  This is how I work from the drawing-figuring out how many of each and working to make it all fit before I begin sewing.  I had planned on having the large squares in the center section on being cut 6 1/2" but I bought a collection and the fabrics were all cut as 6" strips.  I just cut the sashing a bit larger and it should all work out just fine!
I ended with a reknit-I ripped out the bulky cap that was just a bit too small and redid the math to make it larger.   I have this feeling it is a bit too large but it will be whatever size it is after this!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday's Decompression

 After company leaves, I like to go into either a cleaning mode or a creative one.   Today, the eclectic creative one kicked in.  A doll in the nursery at church needed some pants-easy way to wake the brain up.
 I sewed some pairs together and cut the others for this quilt.
 I painted the bowling balls that have been sitting in my sewing room for years.
 'Now they are out of the room and outside where I intended them to be!
 I warped my Ashford Knitter's loom and decided to use some Thanksgiving colored thick and thin yarn I got at a thrift store so I would have a runner on my buffet.  It felt good to be weaving and this loom is a breeze to warp so no blood pressure issues!
I finished the socks for Matthew!  I can't believe the yarn matched up when I was just going for random....there is order in the universe!
I sanded the glass pendants and set their bails so I can use them now!
I worked on Marsel's shawl in the evening and finished chart two.  And then I wondered why the lace border was so narrow........Yes, I forgot to do chart one of the edging first.   The shawl is in the naughty bucket.

Catching Up!

 Before we left for dinner at a friend's on Tuesday evening, I put the last stitch on the binding for the apple core quilt!
 I played around with the panoramic feature on my camera to catch the beautiful scenery around their home.  This is the front of the house.
 This is their back view leading to the lake.
 How is this for water decorations!?
 And one of these on the other side!
 The last waterlily open (they close at night!) after every other one had closed up!
 Bill and I caught the last sounds and sights of the sunset over the lake-it was breath-taking!
Bill enjoyed his dog fix!  I resisted.......

Sons had business trips so I got two daughters-in-laws and grandchildren!  The water was
And a lot of this helped with the activity level-their favorite indoor or outdoor actions was running and screaming and laughing-cute but.....well, LOUD!
 Bling had to go to the vet's for a cortisone shot to stop his allergic reaction-he doesn't do well in the Fall.
I ripped out the whole heel as I realized this yarn came with its own spool of reinforcing heel yarn and I forgot to use it!   RIPPPPPPP!
The water was a bit chilly and Will wouldn't part with his shirt-Ella on the other hand, was like a polar bear!  (The water was 80F)
Caleb came and collected his girls and lingered for a good dinner and visit.
There, that is better!   Well onto the second sock.   Great knitting.

Ashley worked on piecing her blocks into rows after she lined them all back up on the design wall.  
 Once she caught on to the whole diagonal thing, she worked right along.
 We blocked her fresh off the hook crocheted scarf!
 And in the evening she works on the new dishcloth learning several more new stitches!
 I have Millie's psychedelic quilt on the frame and found just the right pattern for making a groovy stitch pattern!
 It is bright!
 When we have a minute, I worked on some glass again-this one got this weird divot so I will have to take it to the grinder but I love the colors!
This one turned out pretty spiffy-considering I used brown glass, it changed color in the heat!
This guy is keeping us all hopping!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recovery Time!

 I did the repair on Bill's tencel socks that had holes in both heels.   I did rip them back and reknit them;  that said, it is successful repair but it wouldn't work for wool yarn.   I can say I did this-once!  He is happy.
 When the knitting was done on the this Wild Leaves Hat from Patternfish, I cast on the second one with the remaining yarn.  Yes, I like doing the pattern that much.
 I managed to sew all the blocks together in little bits of time but it added up and now I have to look for more of the white to work the border out. What I can find for fabric will really help me decide on the border design.
 The quilting is fine' for the apple core quilt.
 Yes, it just needs its binding!
 Hat number two just about knit itself!  (I had just a few yards of yarn left!)  This makes hat number three from this pattern.  There might be one more!  (I have another indigo cake of yarn!)
 The tile for one of the spare bedrooms has been sitting in the bed table drawer.  For years.  Not any more!  Bill pulled the ceramic saw back out for me and I buzzed the row of tiles and then adhered them to the sill.
 The cut off pieces adhered to the front so the corner is complete!  Tomorrow it will take just a bit of grout time and I can say, "Completed!" ( I needed a small project of tile-the kitchen was very hard on my body! )
The sock  for Matthew has just turned the heel.  I forgot how much I enjoy working with a faux isle type yarn!   So far, there has been no repeat in the pattern!  I will finish these soon because he wants a short crew sock.   I hope to cast on the toe of the next one tonight!