Sunday, May 24, 2015

Volley Ball and Knitting on the Sideline!

I finished my version of the Angular Velocity socks! 
The pattern is great but the knitter had a few glitches!  Yes, I can still mess up an increase or two! lol
I knit this from KnitPicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn and the pattern is found on  . 
After church, a picnic and a game of volley ball was on the schedule!  Even Bill joined in the game-he will be sore tomorrow but he enjoyed the break from the construction project!  My daughter is in the green shirt in the foreground and my husband is in the lime green on the other team!  I am rooting for both, needless to say!
I am doing some extreme knitting on the peanut gallery...I have to finish this entrelac blanket before my grand daughter is born in a few weeks!  The pressure is on!  Time to flex the knitting muscles;  good thing they are good form!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jelly Rolling

The wiring is almost done!  It is always interesting to add wiring to an existing house but Bill is up to the challenge! 
David does a man's work, too.  He adds the sheet rock screws after helping Bruce to carry it in!
The guys are hard at work in the basement so Marsel and I took some play time in the UFO pile! 

This Civil War reproduction quilt has been out for our project before but we found our notes and figured out what we were doing! So we got to work making the organized random blocks! 
It was hard to dig through the box so we pulled out some bars we found in the basement and set out our fabric palette! 
We weren't the only ones who thought this was a good idea!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rainbow and Sky

We had a break in the basement project and dyed some Bare Superwash Roving from KnitPicks.  We used Jacquard dyes. 
Two different rovings and two different colorways.  The first a rainbow series and the second, the sky in gradated blues. 
After a bake in the oven to exhaust the dye, we let it cool and used the salad spinner to well, spin out the water from the roving! 
Both of the rovings fully exhausted!  Hooray! 
We set them on the deck railing and let the sun dry them for us! 
Oh, so pretty! 
While we waited for them to dry, Marsel bent my arm to get to work on this project that I keep putting off.  It is from Eli's car seat that I recovered back in January!  It was fiddly and frankly I lost my mojo for it but it needed finishing.  All of my words to 'tackle such monster projects head on' that I have given to my daughter came bouncing right back to me full force;  she rather enjoyed blasting them my way!   I did it. And it turned out great! 
She knew I could do it and how wonderful it would be to have it done an ready to use!  
 And the rovings....well, they make your heart sing!
Rainbow and sky both.  Now to keep the cats off them...they love them for quite another reason!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Painting and Waiting

We began the day painting in the dungeon basement with primer which was applied to both of the outer walls which are concrete.  Then we had to wait 4 hours before adding the color coat. 
While we had to wait, Marsel did administrative work for her HOA while I got to play with the kids!  We picked out our fabrics and got to work. 
We did it!  The little pouch is finished in just a little bit of time! 
The zipper installation is a breeze;  even a kid could do it!
David enjoys a very good sew, too.  He says he is going to keep stones for his sling shot in his! 
Yup, it turned out great!  
The pattern is  here.
There is a ton of potential for this pattern and you will see it in my future!  
It sure was wonderful to play with the kids!
Here is a glimpse of the basement....
Just wait for the final unveiling....soon now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Working Hard

In between the real work in the basement, there are still the regular chores to household running to be done-the cats add pleasure to each task!  She helped me each step even while putting them away! 

The guys have to help with the big stuff-lifting such weight is beyond our capabilities, though we do push the limits to get the job done! 
Mindy helps with the boxes of sorting and throwing away....a few treasures are staying like this book.
(I like the old lady who knits!) 
After a bit of basement work, we had to head to Abigail's casting appointment.  She has to have these series of casts for 3-4 weeks in the Spring and Fall to correct the affects of CP  to straighten her foot.
She is a trooper at all the medical appointments she has in her life!
Here is her fashionista walking boot to go over the cast.  One week of this cast then her mom removes it for a 24 hour rest and then back to the dr to get the next one for another week.  They pull her foot and straighten it a bit more each casting.  It is working great;  they have done this several times over the last 18 months and we see grand progress.
Here she is giving me the 'but Grandma' look when I said I wanted a pic of her, too, not just her foot!  She likes being behind the camera and not in front of it like me.
In the midst of all the comings and goings, we celebrated Bruce's birthday and then took off for church!  Never slow around here! 
I am making progress on sock #2....I did have  a bit of a setback and had to rip back " after the toe because I lost my place in the pattern and couldn't make it work no matter what.  Back to the drawing board was a good decision.  I only have another night's knitting and I will be done!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spiral Velocity

Sock one is off the needles.   I had no problem using the chart for going toe-up.   
After the heel, I then spiraled the chart across the leg until I had the sock to summer height.  On to the next one-this pattern clips right along!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Framed Just So

When I got my new-to-me quilting machine and frame, Bill and I carried this one out to the garage to await the visit from the McKees when we had Will for the week.  During that week, we destructed the frame and then loaded it up for its trip to Georgia for delivery to their home.  My daughter is a quilter, too, and she loves to do her quilting and now she doesn't have to wait to visit me to do it!  We have worked off and on the whole time I have been here to transform the part of the basement that has been for storage into a quilting area! 
 Both of these cats helped us all morning as we put the frame together again!  At varying times, all four of her cats paid us a visit and gave everything an inspection!
We not only got the frame set up but also loaded a baby quilt on it and the quilting has commenced!
The frame and my daughter are both smiling!  (So am I;  it is great to share with my daughter.)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Velocity Adjustments!

I'm loving the new socks on the needles!  The pattern is called Angular Velocity from but I am making it toe-up and using only one of the charts for going up the foot and the I will see if I want to spiral it up the front of the foot when I get there!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old and New FO's

 We started this quilt for Abigail years ago and just put the finishing touch (the binding) on it!
 The back is very interesting, too.  We popped it right in the washer and dryer and right into A's arms!
 Last year we sewed a new porch swing seat cover and pillows from a bolt of outdoor fabric Marsel had found at a garage sale.  There was enough left to do them again this year, too!  (The hot southern sun does a great job of bleaching out fabric!)
 We had just enough to recover the cushion to this one, too, so there is now a set!
 The modified Wasabi Socks are off the needles!
The patterning is accomplished with the pattern also known as Blackberry stitch or Trinity stitch.  It gives a lot of texture and interest.  I used the self-facing finish to these shorter summer socks!  Now to decide what to cast on next?!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Pleasures

 After church, we managed to corral David long enough for a picture-this is our third year being together for Mother's Day!
 The new edition of the Wasabi sock is completed!  On to the second!  It fits like a ...customized sock is supposed to fit!
 Abigail and Marsel gave me a pedicure in the about being spoiled!  I also enjoyed the 'over-bubbling' in the foot bath;  laughter is good medicine, too!
Isn't this a cool picture of the bubbles?!
I had a wonderful day filled with ph calls in between from the rest of my offsprings!